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Aurora Oral X-Rays (AuroraOX) serves the City of Aurora and South Denver area with state-of-the-art three-dimensional oral imaging. We bring the quality of Planmeca to you, helping your dentist obtain the best possible data, build a proper diagnosis and provide you with a personalized comprehensive treatment plan based on facts.

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We use the most advanced 3D imaging system available today – The Planmeca ProMax. Its software allows for up to 80% less radiation to the patient while still providing high quality images to help doctors treat you.

At AuroraOX, we make sure that you are paying for exactly what you need. We have the field of view (FOV) that satisfies more than 80% of dental cases needing 3D images. By limiting our equipment to suit what is most often required, your payments are being invested into maintaining a machine which is rarely used, allowing up to offer reasonable feed.

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Angie Saxton

I am so happy my dentist sent me to AOX. The image appointment was convenient for me, the girl who did the office was really nice and explained well what the procedure were supposed to be and the best thing was the price I had to pay. It cost me a fraction of what other offices charge for the same thing. Thank you AOX

Angie Saxton
Theresa Rodriquez

Very convenient location, great service, reasonable pricing. I would recommend them to all my friends if the need arise.

Theresa Rodriquez
Anthony Smith, DMD

My patient had these frequent sinus trouble and I needed some more descriptive imaging to be able to diagnose her condition. AOX provided me the tool to help my patient. I could never image the complexity of periapical pathosis on a conventional intra oral periapical radiograph. Suddenly the proposed treatment changed from root canal to extraction and implant replacement. Today my patient is healed, the implant is restored and the sinus complications are long time gone. Thank you AOX. You made me a better dentist

Anthony Smith

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